HOUR 22 players

Greg Cooper - Lead Vocals, Bass Guitar                     Born in Milwaukee, WI. Greg loves all forms of music started out playing trumpet then switched to gutiar but fell in love with the bass and never looked back.

John Dorsey - Drums, Percussions, Background Vocals - Born in Baltimore, MD in 1976. Was always into all kinds of music. Was always listening to music on my record player as a boy. Started DJ'ing as a teen. Went into the Army after high school and started creating music by sampling. Then bought a drum machine and started to create original songs. Moved to Milwaukee in 1997 and met Greg at my first job up there. Started learning to play drums in 2009, and met Bruce in 2013...the rest is history."

Bruce Anthony - Guitars, Background Vocals             Bruce has been playing guitar for many years. His love for hard rock came to him in 7th grade when a friend introduced him to Black Sabbath. The following summer, he expanded his drive for guitar with with Iron Maiden, and the Scorpions. His love for guitar was solidified with the releases of Kill em' All, 1984, and Whitesnake.

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